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Exchange Programmes – National & International

Connecting Classrooms Project


A global education programme designed to help the young learners know and understand global themes and become responsible global citizens. DPS Bangalore North in partnership with Bromstone Primary School, Kent (UK) exchanges views on culture, global issues, rights and responsibilities of global citizens which form the basis of this programme. The programme aims to build a more sustainable world through various projects and visits of teachers.


German Exchange Programme


DPSBN offers German as a III Language for classes V to VIII. Students are involved in various activities conducted by the Goethe Institute. Since 2009 DPSBN has been working in co-ordination with NKG Weissenhorn, Germany. Three successful exchange programmes have

been completed. This programme provides opportunities for students of both the countries to visit one another and work on projects of common interest.

French Exchange Programme


The School is involved in a vibrant cultural exchange programme with St. Augustin Angers, France. The emphasis of this programme is entirely on intercultural exposure. The primary focus is to learn more about the lifestyles and cultural aspects of both countries. It is a wonderful opportunity for both the schools to take the learning of languages beyond the classroom while strengthening the bond between the two countries. This programme is offered to students of class 7 – 11, even those who have not opted for French in the curriculum.

Denmark-India Technology & Cultural Exchange Programme


As part of Global Connections, the school has initiated a new and distinctive international student partnership with a high school in Denmark. It is a unique programme that primarily involves the exchange of ideas on the use of technology by students in various aspects of their daily lives like learning/ communicating/ socialising etc. Whilst understanding how technology is being used by students on a global level, students of both countries also get an opportunity to visit each other’s country and experience a new culture and heritage. This programme is being offered to students of classes X-XII.


Inter-State Class Exchange Programme


DPSBN in collaboration with other DPS Schools in India conducts mutual exchange programmes wherein students and teachers visit the schools and exchange inter-cultural experiences thus enriching the students and exposing them to a plethora of information.



Italy Exchange Programme


DPSBN is initiating a new exchange programme with a high school in Italy. This venture is to explore new avenues and to broaden the horizon. Interacting with the teachers and students of Italy will motivate our students to find out about their culture, heritage, languages, food and methods of classroom learning. It will help the students to enrich their perspective about the world. The exchange programme is open to students of classes X, XI and XII.


Argentina Exchange Programme


This is an email exchange programme for students of grade 6. Through emails/skype sessions the students of the two countries try and learn about each other’s culture, school and after school activities, likes and dislikes, pets, food, sports etc. This is a great platform for younger students who cannot travel as part of student exchange programmes.