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School Clubs


‘Hobby is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of a man go together.’

                                                                                                         -John Ruskin

We at DPSBN believe that for the head and hand to go together, the heart should always love the job. Hobby classes offer exactly this- classes that excite and enlighten young minds. These hobbies not only channelize the interest and energies of a person in the positive direction but also help in the overall development of personality. We offer a wide range of hobbies to the young enthusiasts, paid and unpaid, conducted by experts in their respective fields. The school encourages continual participation of students, thereby enabling them to acquire substantial skill and knowledge in their chosen areas. This is an integral part of the curriculum and students look forward to hobby classes with great zeal and enthusiasm. Here is a sneak peek into what we do.


In class I, II and III  hobby classes are theme-based and aim at exploring and showcasing the creative talents of the students as they make and decorate beautiful photo-frames, greeting cards, rakhis, puppets and diyas.

 In Class IV and V, the kids are offered options like- glass painting, chess, karate, Khana Khazana, abacus, higher order thinking skills, western dance, carnatic music, yoga, malakhamba, aerobics and eco club.Glass and fabric painting learners are asked to paint anything that they fancy on small canvas /glass panels using fabric/acrylic paints. Western dance club is where our dance enthusiasts find their goldmine. Choreographers teach rhythmic movements, twists and other different styles of dancing. Students who enrolled for karate are taught a variety of techniques including blocks, strikes, evasions, throws and joint manipulation. They learn to relax their mind and body, develop self-confidence and concentration. The chess players of our school are grouped into different levels and taught accordingly. Children thoroughly enjoy this challenging mind game. The ‘Khana Khazana’ Club of DPSBN nurtures our very own culinary experts. The budding culinarians try their hands at preparing variety of items like salads, chats, mocktails, dressings etc., using already cooked/ raw items. Students who have enrolled for abacus classes are introduced to basic concepts

of addition and subtraction using the traditional abacus method while the ‘HOTS’ pursuers learn to solve different types of puzzles, quiz, etc. through worksheets and hand on activities. Students who have opted for aerobics perform various routines comprising of dance-like exercises with a goal of enhancing over-all fitness. The eco and little scientist’s club is yet another hobby where students get exposed to various activities that promote environmental awareness.

We have introduced three new hobbies for classes I-V : Sign Language, Theatre and Cooking with fire(By Master Chef Mrs Shazia Khan).




Class VI to VIII students are offered classes in chess, taekwondo, animation, western dance, aero-modelling, guitar, robotics and vedic mathematics.

The budding Vishwanathan Anands of our school throng the chess club. It is heartening to see the students planning strategies and moves with great precision and care. Taekwondo is another popular choice among the students. This traditional martial art disciplines their mind and body. Animation too has many takers. Creative souls of our school find an avenue to let their imagination run wild and free. The western dance club encourages students with dancing skills to pursue their passion. Along with physical fitness, these classes also teach children dance techniques, like Bowing, break dance, Locking-Popping etc. The aero-modelling enthusiasts learn about the principles of flying, aircraft modelling and assembling. It helps them improve hand and eye coordination, understand the importance of team work and learn to cope with success and failure. Guitar classes are another hot pick among the students, teaching children the virtues of practice, discipline and patience. Another popular choice is the robotics club. Students here are taught simulation techniques to create their own robots. The Vedic math learners are taught many simple and quick methods to solve problems. These classes help in building mental agility apart from reviving and popularizing a dying ancient Indian technique. The basics of stitching and craft work and ways to cook without fire are to list a few other hobbies.

The class IX students had First Aid and Art and Craft classes to choose from. The First aid classes were very informative and useful. Art and craft sessions proved to be interesting and unwinding. X graders are offered Cookery and Electronic classes. Cookery seems to be the in-thing now, with cookery competitions sprouting up every fortnight. Not to be left behind, our students are nurturing their own culinary skills.  In the Electronics session, the children had fun making quick and easy gadgets with simple circuits and devices.

Engaging, educative, exciting and creative is how the hobby classes for the students can be described as. These classes are a small effort to arouse children’s curiosity, to explore their hidden talents and bring out the multi-faceted personality in them.