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Vision & Mission


To Educate, Prepare, Motivate and Inspire Everyone To Achieve their Highest Potential as Lifelong Learners, Thinkers And Responsible Global Citizens.


  • To create a society in which all girls and boys, live together in dignity, safety, mutual respect, harmony and social justice.
  • To nurture a sustainable world based on care and compassion, to take responsibility for our actions, to embrace creative and innovative approaches to resolve environmental problems.
  • To value diversity and respect inclusion of all peoples and perspectives.
  • To instill a patriotic sentiment and a sense of national pride in all.
  • To respect and appreciate all cultures, faiths and religions and to uphold the secularity of our nation.
  • To engage students, parents and the community to support school health and wellness in all dimensions.
  • To provide a platform for each individual to exhibit their innate talent, build on their strengths and excel in their chosen path.