Digital Life @ DPSBN

Techsprint DPS South

At Techsprint DPS South, the students of DPSBN exhibited their mastery and bagged many prizes. Here are the details of day 1: 1st and 2nd position in Shark Tank, 1st position in tech quiz, 2nd and 3rd position in Treasure Hunt.

Youth Ideathon- IIT Delhi

Manya and team received Incubation Grant at Youth Ideathon 2022, organized by Think startup with CBSE, IIT Delhi, in the month of October. Encouraging innovative ideas, it was a 5-Stage competition, in which more than 65,000 students across India participated. The top 25 teams were invited to IIT Delhi on 20th October for the Grand Finale. The Winners were awarded an incubation grant of 1,00,000 INR. The award-winning innovation of Manya’s team, VDRP, provides a technology-based, alternative to a dispute resolution platform that will reduce the caseload on the judicial system and help avoid more and more cases being filed in the courts through the application of Artificial Intelligence.

AR-VR by 1M1B

The buzz around the metaverse has reached a fever pitch. 1M1B conducted an interesting workshop on AR-VR (Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)) for all the DPSBN teachers. The workshop aimed to enable teachers to understand that AR provides a big opportunity for immersive learning wherein students can visualize and learn. In this digital space, for example, students can delve into different learning pods, visit libraries and breakout rooms, and meet coaches and counselors. DPSBN teachers found the workshop extremely interesting and were pushed to think outside the box. In a fast-paced world, it is imperative for teachers to equip themselves with relevant knowledge to build the road for the future. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to more such sessions.

AI for 11th and 12th

An enlightening and informative session was conducted by IBM to introduce Artificial Intelligence as a subject for grades XI and XII. The 3 days workshop aimed at understanding the scope and importance of AI in the future.  This curriculum is built to be inclusive for all types of learners, introducing an understanding of teachable machines. The participants were given a hands-on session along with website making, the creation of AI projects, and an overview of how one can create a Chatbot. All in all, the teachers found it an extremely insightful and illuminating session.

Cyber Safety Session

Over the past decade or so, the internet has seen a meteoric rise in coverage. The internet is flushed with dark alleyways and corners, with unethical actors ready to pounce on the smallest opportunity to dupe an unknown user. Thus arises the necessity to attend such sessions for everyone to be cautious and aware of cyberbullying and digital etiquette.

Digital Citizenship by 1M1B

Teachers from the 1st to 8th segment had an interactive session on Digital Citizenship. They will be participating in training sessions for their counterparts from other DPS branches and also for the students. Teachers, divided into groups did various brainstorming sessions and came out with students’ age-appropriate discussions.

Coding for Girls

Girls of Grade XI and XII initiated a new program “CODING FOR GIRLS” at DPSBN on 31st January 2022 with a mission to close the gender gap in pursuing technology as a career. The first session was an hour-long block-based coding organized in three batches for girls of Grades VI and VII. The session was wrapped up with a brief Q&A and interactive girl talks that emphasized the relevance of Computer Science as a discipline and why girls should pursue it.

Digital Wellness by 1M1B

DPSBN conducted a session on digital wellness for the parents in association with 1M1B

Digital Etiquettes by 1M1B

Mr. Saffin Mathew from 1M1B facilitated the session which focused on key topics like Digital Footprints, Gaming Safety, Fake News, and Digital Etiquette. DPSBN is committed to nurturing students into responsible digital citizens and this workshop is one of the many initiatives the school is driving for students and teachers around digital safety.

Digital Citizenship

We all live in times where our lives are open books and traceable (intentionally or unintentionally) due to digital advancements. Digital Citizenship training focuses on all key aspects of the digital world; from what a PC is to what Cyber Exploiters are. After a quick brief about Cyber Bullying and Cyber Security, the trainers, Ms. Irene Manning and Mr. Saffin Mathew, shed light on other stages of Digital Citizenship such as digital footprint, privacy, digital well-being, and information literacy for Grades 6, 7, and 8.

Workshop on Web Designing

A workshop on Web Designing using HTML was conducted for Grades 6 & 7. The students were taught Web designing, HTML, formatting/styles tags, changing background colors, and inserting an image and some primary tags that are used in HTML. The students were exhilarated as they saw the outcome of their coding and even shared their screens to show their work.

Artificial Intelligence and Teachable Machines

The Computer Department conducted an interactive online workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Teachable Machines for Grade V students. The students were fascinated and inquisitive throughout the session. They had several inputs and ideas on their vision of this newly developing technology and were eager to try out Teachable Machines and share their ideas with friends and family members at home.

AI for All

Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours” – Stephen Hawking. We at DPS Bangalore North conducted an interactive session for Grades 4 to 12 on the importance of AI. The topic was introduced to the children by giving various examples and encouraging them to complete the self-learning course which has 2 modules- AI Aware and AI Appreciate.  The students found this to be extremely insightful learning.

Session on Adobe Express

At DPS – North, we always strive to stay educated about the updated in-things. To keep in line with the changing world, the teachers were given special training on the purpose, importance, and most importantly the usage of ADOBE EXPRESS. It was an explorative session as teachers got a hands-on experience with this fun website.

'AIoT Integration in Curriculum' programme organised by CBSE and NITI AAYOG

Delhi Public School Bangalore North was nominated for the mega showcase event of ‘ AIoT Integration in Curriculum’ programme organised by CBSE and NITI AAYOG in  association with Intel India on January 24,2023 at Dr Ambedkar International Centre,New Delhi.

Ms Ranjeeta Ranjan, Head of the Department for Social Science and Ms Srivatsala R , ATL Coordinator attended the  event.

Posters with problem statement, solution idea, tinkering and AI integration developed by Ms Asha Babu R( AI), Ms A V Rama ( Science) ,Ms Ranjeeta Ranjan ( Social science) and Ms Srivatsala R ( ATL) were displayed at the event.

It was an enriching experience for the participants as well as the visitors.

Digital Wellness For The Parents in Association with 1M1B.

DPSBN conducted a session on digital wellness for the parents in association with 1M1B.

Mr. Saffin Mathew from 1M1B facilitated the session which focused around creating an understanding for parents about how to ensure children stay safe and ensure well being in the digital world. The session focused on key topics like Digital Footprints, Gaming Safety, Fake News and Digital Etiquettes.

DPSBN is committed to nurturing our students into responsible digital citizens and this workshop is one of the many initiatives the school is driving for students and teachers around digital safety.

International Cyber Security Awareness Month

Much of the world is now in cyberspace and cyber security has become a massive issue confronting many.  The reliance on a complex technology infrastructure has come with a price: by accepting the Internet so widely, children have exposed themselves to a range of nefarious cyber activities by a spectrum of offenders looking for information and also bullying. It is a must for schools to sensitize their students on the provisions of the POCSO Act as well as cyber safety rules to be followed. To make Gen Z aware of the risks that the internet poses, KPMG, an international professional services firm, conducted a classroom session in Delhi Public school, North on 27th October 2021 on the globally-recognized International Cyber Security Awareness Month. The classroom session, included guidance on safe use of personal data, social media, cyber bullying, online gaming, online identity protection, and cyber threats. During the Cyber Security Month, the aim of the session was to speak to students in schools on how to be cyber safe as young people are the most vulnerable. The sessions consisted of the kinds of risks that they might face and to empower them to create a trusted digital world. The program, included virtual presentations and content aimed at the students of grades VI to VIII. At the end of the session, the students were made aware of the risk involved on the net and ways to keep themselves cyber safe.

Future Skill Development Program

#DigitalLife At DPS North, we recognize that technology has both positive and negative impacts on our lives, and we strive to educate our students about the responsible use of technology. Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with 1M1B, a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering youth through digital skills and innovation, and IBM to offer our students a range of programs and opportunities to develop their skills and pursue their passions. During the session, our students learned about various topics such as chatbots and future skill development programs.

Through this collaboration, 1M1B has opened up opportunities for our students to participate in competitions and receive support for their projects and innovative ideas. This partnership enables our students to apply their technology skills and knowledge to real-world challenges while also learning about the importance of responsible innovation and ethical use of technology. We are excited to offer our students these opportunities, and we believe that they will benefit greatly from the experience.

As an institution, we believe that it is essential to prepare our students for the ever-changing technological landscape and to encourage them to be responsible and ethical users of technology. We are proud to partner with 1M1B and IBM to provide our students with valuable learning experiences that will benefit them both academically and personally.