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The school is equipped with a junior and  senior library. It contains  a variety of books, magazines, periodicals & newspapers

Computer Labs

The School has four well equipped  state of the art computer labs to cater to the junior and senior segments

Science Labs

Well equipped science labs are in use. A junior science lab is available for all primary students to explore.

Social Science Lab

A social science lab is in use to facilitate the enhancement of cultural and aesthetic values among students. The  lab besides holding maps, charts and models has a well furnishes conference hall and facilities to hold workshops and seminars in the cultural aspects, as well as well stocked movies and documentaries and books to make social science a fun filled  and interesting subject.

Math Lab

Two well equipped math labs are in use for classes I to X. The labs are computerized. They also have equipments like geometrical figures, geoboards etc to help students understand the mathematical concepts in a better way.

Innovative E-Learning

A world acclaimed technology integrated program for teaching and learning in classrooms in grades I to XII through  Smart Class is designed to empower  teachers with technology right inside the classroom. Digital resources such as animations, graphics, images and  video clippings are used to revolutionize the learning process.

Book Shop

All School books and articles of stationery can be purchases from the school, bookshop which remains open during the school hours.

Infirmary/ Medical Centre

The School clinic has 2 qualified medical doctors and 4 nurses. The Senior School block has an infirmary set up to aid immediate medical help. Is the doctor finds that a child needs special medical attention parents are informed.


An open air amphitheatre to allow the students  a free run  for their imagination and creativity.

Resource Centre

The well equipped resource centre is extensively used for seminars, workshops & presentations

Kindergarten Block

The beautifully vibrant  bright and illustrative kindergarten  wing is a panorama  of colours, where the ar pulsates with nursery tunes and the adorable babble of  tiny tots. Thematic  learning is pleasurable here, be it names, shapes or numbers.  The first/maiden lessons of life are taught in a manner which is just unadulterated  fun ”  Learn  while you play” – a well equipped activity centre gives children an opportunity to learn hands on.

Multipurpose Hall Auditorium

Assemblies, exhibitions, activities, indoor sport etc are conducted in two large M.P. Hall/ Auditoriums.

Swimming Pool

Our state of the art swimming pool is a cool setting where our students with aquatic talents practise during and after  school hours.

Class VI – XII will be offered swimming classes during  school hours.

Tennis Courts

The two courts will enable tennis  enthusiasts  to develop their kinaesthetics


A completely revamped cafeteria and a fully  functioning tuck shop cater to the needs of the students. The cafeteria serves lunch, snacks, non-aerated soft drinks on cash payment during the break.

Counselling Cell

In order to spearhead action in the area of Child & Adolescent  Mental health, the counselling cell at DPS has made  concerted  effort over  the recent years. School counselling has gained its own identity both  as a profession & also a part of the team that manages student  development & growth. Services provided by the cell are:

  • Counselling
  • Life Skill Training
  • Assessment
  • Workshops
  • Therapies
  • Seminars

Uniform Shop

The complete School Uniform can be purchased from the uniform shop at a fixed rate approved by the management  which remains open  during school hours. Uniforms can be purchased ONLINE  too. This  facility offers  all our school uniforms with the size selection, multiple payment  options (including payment of cash on delivery) and option for exchange, if necessary. You can avail this facility through Entrar.