Established in 2002, Delhi Public School, Bangalore - North has a breathtaking 40 acre campus. The vast area provides a picture perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building. The lung space, the open lawns and lush greenery are marked with a colourful bonanza of fresh floral bounty, providing the perfect setting outside the din of the city limits, for the holistic development of our students.

Administrative Block

This block is well designed and organized into various segments where different administrative procedures are followed smoothly and systematically.

ECCE Block

The state – of – the – art kindergarten block is a panorama of colours, where the air pulsates with nursery tunes and the adorable babble of tiny tots. Thematic learning is pleasurable here, be it names, shapes or numbers. The maiden lessons of life are taught in a manner which is just unadulterated fun. “Learn while you play” – a well – equipped activity center gives children an opportunity to learn through hands-on activities.

Primary and Senior Wings

The infrastructure in Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North is excellent where space is a blessing, not a constraint. Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North campus in its Primary & Senior blocks has very spacious, well lit and ventilated classrooms with LCD monitors and projectors. Another newly established senior building is an extension of modern infrastructure with a separate IG building that resonates with systematic infrastructural organisation.


The aesthetic amphitheatre provides a beautiful monumental set up for conducting extra-curricular activities that run throughout the year. Music, dance, plays and artwork are effectively performed and presented here.

Assembly Area / Basketball Court

A plethora of activities ranging from class assemblies, to sports and practices for different programmes, along with events like Annual Day, inter school competitions and many more such events are held in the Basketball Court/Assembly Area.

Swimming Pool / Playground

We believe that games/sports enhance every aspect of a child’s development and learning. To accomplish this, we allow students to explore different sports by providing them playfields and facilities for swimming, football, cricket, athletics etc.


Computer Labs

Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North boasts of four state-of-the art computer labs, where networked computers, multi – media projectors and the latest audio – visual aids have been installed to hone current learning concepts and gear our students to meet the dynamism of a future workspace.

ICT Innovative Practices : e-Magazine; Paperless School Elections; Computational thinking for Primary classes; Cyber safety through Gamification; Code Fests / gaming contests; Media Content Design; Online Exams; Active social media presence; Software in computer labs for low vision children to read the academic and non – academic contents; Inter DPS CBSE workshops and IT Fest for students. 

Science Labs

All 4 labs are well designed and well equipped with latest facilities and are high on safety. Skilled teachers and lab assistants use these labs efficiently incorporating SMART technology as well.

Social Studies Lab

Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North has a social science laboratory that gives the students a conducive and favourable environment to study the subject. The lab is a mine of resources that students can avail. Books related to the subject, models, maps, globe, paintings, sketches, artifacts and a smart board make the learning and teaching process interesting. 

Math Lab (Logical Lab)

Students from class I to X, have access to Math Labs where they use ICT and manipulatives to learn mathematical concepts and prove theorems in a fun way.

Home Science Lab

The well – equipped Home Science lab is a bright, airy, well – lit room that provides the perfect ambience to address practical nuances of healthy and scientific living. Keeping health and hygiene as our topmost priority, the students are guided on how to create magic with food, keeping it healthy and tasty at the same time. 

Art/ Music / Dance Labs

The Splashes of colour reverberate with the diversity & vividity of human emotion in the Art, Music and Dance labs. Individual styles and techniques get honed and displayed at different levels. These rooms are magical jukeboxes that spur every student into action. Activity rooms play a big role in strengthening the roots of talent in every student.


Our Junior and Senior Libraries have a variety of books on various subjects as well as short stories, novels, reference books, encyclopedias, dailies, magazines and journals. To inculcate good reading habits in children, programmes like DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), Story Telling Sessions, Meeting the author, Scholastic Book Club, Book Weeks, fests  etc., form an integral part of the library. The school has a well-resourced digital library as well.

Resource Centre/ Auditorium/ Conference Hall

Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North has its Resource Centre and Conference Hall beautifully located adjacent to the swimming pool with modern facilities for seminars / workshops to be conducted. Assemblies, exhibitions, indoor sports

and other activities are conducted in the two large auditoriums with a capacity of 700 students each.




The health and wellbeing of our young learners is of utmost importance. With an infirmary in each block in the school premises and a full – time qualified doctor along with a team of experienced nurses, we are able to provide quick medical assistance on time. An ambulance is also available, in case of medical emergencies.


A nutritious diet is essential for healthy brain development in children, which is critical to good learning. The cafeteria is managed by trained staff skilled in preparing fresh, delicious yet healthy cuisine, every day on site. No junk food is available in the cafeteria. Hygiene is our prime concern.


The school provides facilities for specialized coaching through skilled and qualified coaches in various games and sports. Outdoor games like Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Golf, Kho - Kho, Kabaddi, Swimming, Tennis, Throw Ball and Volleyball are popular among the students. Indoor Sports like Badminton, Chess, Gymnastic, and Table Tennis are enjoyed by students throughout the year. After school hours, special coaching is provided to school teams in all areas of sports. 


Delhi Public School, Bangalore – North boasts of its two state of art Tennis Courts with coaches who ensure that young budding Tennis players find the right atmosphere to develop their sporting talent. 

A top-of-the-line swimming pool specially facilitates students with aquatic talents to practice during and after school hours. Our students have been performing very well at inter school meets at the national level bringing laurels to school.


Yoga has been an integral part of the school curriculum. The main aim of these classes is to train students to be physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally fit. Students have participated and excelled in interschool, state, national and International level Yoga Championships and have brought laurels to the school. 




We provide a well-networked fleet of buses that connects the school to various parts of the city. Trained drivers, conductors, and lady attendants ensure the safety of every child. All our buses are equipped with First-Aid kits. CCTV and GPS services are enabled in every bus for better monitoring. The bus staff members are regularly trained to take care of the students while they are using the school transport.

Salient Features

  • Well-networked fleet of buses connecting the school to various parts of the city.
    Trained drivers and conductors in each bus.
  • Trained lady attendants to take care of your child in each bus.
  • Mandatory First-Aid kits in all buses.
    Regular checking by school administration staff to ensure safety of your child.
  • All buses are GPS enabled and for better monitoring, we have in-bus CCTV system complete with camera and recorder.


In order to ensure security coverage in & around our campus, Closed Circuit Cameras have been installed at vantage locations. In addition to this, we also have trained security personnel taking care of the security at our campus.

Salient Features

  • Closed Circuit Cameras installed at crucial locations in the campus.
  • Trained security personnel at all vantage locations.
  • Intercoms connecting all the important points in the school.
  • Mandatory check at the Entrance gate so that no trespassers can get inside the campus.
  • Only parents/authorized local guardians are allowed to take students out of the school.

House Keeping


‘Just like Home’- our Day Care Center provides a ‘no-worries’ atmosphere and takes care of your child’s early development needs. It has been designed with utmost care to ensure that your child is provided a home away from home. The Day Care Centre provides a safe and secure atmosphere where your child will have the freedom to relax, enjoy, play and learn and where all his/her needs would be catered under adult supervision. With a carefully designed play area, safe toys and a trained staff, we provide an environment where your child can learn, laugh, grow and make friends.

Mission: To support the emotional, social and intellectual development of Kindergarten children in a safe and nurturing environment.
Vision: ‘Just like Home’ aims to be the most preferred choice of DPS East parent community.

Program Design: To meet the special needs of Kindergarten children after school hours by providing a safe, caring, and stimulating the learning environment.

Age group: Our programme caters to 2.6 – 4.6 year age group

Salient features:

  • A spacious, clean, safe and state-of-the-art learning environment.
    Teaching and learning through engaging creative activities.
    Use of integrated learning tools to foster your child’s all-round development.
  • Play area designed as per international standards to ensure safety of your child.
  • Daily feedback on the day’s activities and regular development reports on your child’s personal milestones.
  • On-campus trained medical staff to look after your child’s medical needs and regular monthly checkup by doctors.
  • A stimulating early care experience geared towards your child’s emotional, physical and cognitive development.



Sustainability is deeply rooted in the school's ecosystem. The school takes pride in its beautiful butterfly park which is home to many indigenous varieties of butterflies and insects, scenic gardens and orchards which gives plenty of opportunities for experiential learning, where students and teachers learn to de­stress, unwind and relearn together.