Special Education & Counselling

DPSBN aims to recognize the individuality and creativity of each and every child in a caring environment thereby emphasizing on the moral, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child.  We empower every child with cognitive skills  to help him /her choose a path and exhibit his/her innate talent and strengths.

We believe that every child deserves education, deserves acceptance regardless of his/her strengths and weaknesses, in a regular school.

In keeping with our Vision, we at DPSBN strongly believe in a system of inclusive education. In our efforts to bring about inclusion in education, we have tried our best to include all children of different classes and communities, of different abilities, irrespective of their strengths and weaknesses, in a classroom, in order to maximize the potential of the child and the group he/she is in. Therefore the school’s main vision is to accommodate all children regardless of their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, linguistic or other conditions. And in order to make DPSBN a completely inclusive school we do not deny admission to any student who has a disability which includes learning disability, physical disability, low vision, ADHD, ASD etc. 

Curriculum flexibility, accommodations, adaptations and exemptions are given at all grade levels. The special educators plan and provide flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs. Since we have a web of networks with organizations, which are effective referral systems, it makes the process of assessment, diagnosis and interventions much easier and quicker. Therefore based on the recommendations of these organizations, reading help, scribes, extra time, exemptions and alternative seating have also been arranged for children with learning difficulties and other disabilities during exams and class assessments. Vocational subjects are also offered to ensure future success .Experiential learning, cooperative learning, Art based techniques, Peer educators , Peer tutoring and pre vocational training are integral  part of support system. Special classes are also given to first generation learners.

To provide quality education to the less privileged strata of our society the Anubhav Siksha Kendra , a school for children with low financial background, is also run on the DPSBN campus. These children are taught by teachers of the main school and they are provided with all the facilities as the regular students. Free meals are provided to them every day.

All the classes are regularly sensitized by the counsellors regarding the various disabilities and how to provide the right kinds of social, emotional and physical help. Thus it is also made sure that for every disabled student there is a volunteer to guide and help the student accordingly. 

 Another step taken by DPSBN along the lines of inclusion is that since the school is a centre for NIOS, the school has a regular school program for NIOS students under the regular standard timetable and specialized trainings on Saturdays to enhance exam performance. This step was taken so that students who have been diagnosed with low IQ, or disabilities and who are unable to cope with the regular curriculum do not miss out on the schooling experience and peer interaction which forms an integral part of social and personality development.

DPSBN has a team of Counsellors, Special Educators, Occupational therapists, Rehabilitation psychologist, Yoga therapists, Art therapists, resource teachers and empathetic teachers to make inclusion effective. Parents are providing volunteer support and coming as shadow for their children, if required and they have developed a community to support each other.  

With regard to the Physical Environment which includes the infrastructure these are the following modification made for CWSN:

  • Lifts /Ramps in the school buildings 
  • Railings to the washrooms 
  • Braille indicators 
  • wheel chair provisions 
  • Two fully stocked infirmaries on school campus. 
  • The washrooms are also wheelchair accessible
  • The use of smart class is also provided in every classroom so the child can grasp information through both visual and auditory senses. 
  • Computer systems equipped with the JAWS software are also provided for students who have low visions so that lesson notes can be understood and memorized by them in a more convenient manner. 
  • Two school buses are also being made ready which are going to be wheel chair accessible with a ramp and wide doors.


Lastly, in the quest for inclusion, DPSBN has made sure that the policy on inclusion applies not only to students but to the staff also. Job opportunity is created for persons with disabilities in school. 

Our School Headboy Master Karan with the Student Council

Inclusion of SEDG’s at DPSBN

Student with Hearing Impairment (HI) participating in a class

Student with Cerebral Palsy (CP) using a laptop to take notes

Student with Visual Impairment provided with large font size textbook

A student facing the challenge of Partial Visual Impairment, unable to see the writing on the black board, using a special tablet designed by Dr. Rajini Pathu from Narayana Nethralaya Eye Care Hospital. The assistive technology zooms the images on the board.

A super energetic ASD child is very receptive to his shadow teacher and he enjoys the play way of learning and gets thrilled to participate in various activities.

A student class diagnosed with Autism was made the discipline monitor to help him develop a sense of responsibility and build his social skills.

Barrier Free Environment at DPSBN

Inclusive classrooms equipped with barrier free labs

Children creating awareness on Inclusion through a street play

Staff with Special Needs at DPSBN