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It was around half-past nine. The sun was well above the horizon, its light gleaming on the pebbles and shells. The sand was smooth. Waves curled upon the pebbles, washing the sand away. The wind was calm and the sea was bright blue. The foam was just touching the feet of the bay.

Jack was lazing on the beach of San Diego. He glanced at the clear sky. The weather was cool. The waves were warm. Everything seems to be fine for Jack. Somewhere near the end of the beach, he heard a loud groan. Jack pricked his ears. He recognized that sound. He jumped and sped towards the sound. He heard the groan again but this time it sounded very painful. When Jack reached the spot, he hung his mouth open. A whale was struggling in the shallows of the sea. Jack stepped closer. It was a calf. A calf of blue whale!

It was enormous, huge. Seeing the animal in pain almost broke Jack’s heart. He knew he had to do something fast else the calf would die. He rushed to the boathouse and pulled a powerful motorboat. He grabbed some thick ropes and sped towards the dying calf. He flung ropes around the calf’s tail and tightened it. Jack, who was a tall burly eighteen years old lad, pulled with all his might. Unfortunately, the animal weighing tons moved only a millimeter. He tied the other end of the rope to the motorboat. He climbed into the boat and turned on the engine. The boat moved a little dragging a calf for about a foot, which was not enough.

The calf was tired. Time was running out. Jack leaped and tried to push the calf into the deep sea again. Three hours passed. The calf was gasping for breath. Eventually, Jack’s efforts paid off. When the boat had pulled the calf for about four feet, the calf swam into the deep waters. The calf waved its tail to Jack and plunged into the deep sea. Jack wiped his sweat and walked to his house near the beach.

Years passed on. The earth was getting warmer and warmer. People scorched in the hot weather. The sun blazed its sunlight around the whole world. Days become hotter. The ponds and backwaters dried up. Thousands of miles away, the ice sheets of Antarctica began to melt. Ice cliffs began to fall. Animals began losing their habitats. The meltdown caused the sea level to rise, luring high tides, and waves as high as thirty meters curled on the beaches, causing floods. People drowned and washed into the sea. Land submerged and the human race began to fear the meltdown.

Jack was now quite old and still lived near the beach. It was around dusk and Jack was reading the evening newspaper when suddenly the ground shook, vases fell and broke apart, and ceiling began to crack. Jack hopped out of the house. The house was ruined. The earthquake caused panic among the beach tourists. Soon they calmed down but not for long. One of the tourists screamed pointing at the sea. Everyone looked. Waves of sixty meters high splashed onto the beach engulfing everything. People screamed and ran into the mainland  …’ RUN! A TSUNAMI

The waves wiped out the whole town. The violent wall of water swept away cars, houses, boats, fishing smacks and ships. The waves obliterated anything in its way. Vehicles crashed and changed against each other. Ships blobbed out of the water.

Jack was too old to run to escape the waves. The waves were few meters away from him. Jack knew it was his end. The waves swallowed him. He tried to swim to the surface, but was too weak to swim. Suddenly there was a loud snort and he felt himself lifted up to the surface. He gasped for a breath. He glanced back and there was flicker of memory. The calf was back, but now he was a handsome young adult blue whale. He had come back to repay Jack for what he had done to him fifty years ago.

Jack smiled. When the waves retreated into the sea, the whale took Jack close to the land. He crawled into the beach, covered with the debris. He turned back and said softly ‘thanks’. The whale snorted and plunged into the sea.

Jack walked and looked at the town. Once a beautiful town, the storm had left the town ravaged. Thousands of people were killed and millions rendered homeless. It was Jack’s home; he had lived here all his life. Now it was gone. A tear fell out of his eye. He looked back towards the sea and thought ‘I have a new life. A new journey’; He turned back and started walking towards the town.




Class: 9th  Std.

School: Delhi Public School Bangalore North (IGCSE)