To Promote an Inclusive Culture
Which Empowers Everyone
To Become Global Citizens and
Lifelong Learners


DPSBN strives to create a culture that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion in all spheres. Living up to our motto of “Service Before Self”, we aim to create an equitable and sustainable world for all. Equipped with 21st Century skills, we empower our learners to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and interdependent world.


  • To cater to the socio- emotional well being in students of grades (6-12) through Peer Educational Program. Target is to reach out to at least 30% students who are in need.
  • To achieve 100% awareness of NEP among a teacher to implement skills and languages as per NEP 100% in 6-8.
  • To realign processes according to NEP ( No hard Separation ) .
  • To have in place a Robust online Assessment System from the academic year 2021.